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Hello there!

I'm Gustavo Maltez, a 22-year-old software developer from Brazil who is truly passionate about programming and modern web technologies. This is my personal website where I share my thoughts and experiences about coding, software development and english.

Latest Posts

May 25, 20233 min read
Mastering React Hooks by Simplifying Functional Components

A deep dive into React hooks and their usage in functional components. In this blog post, we will explore some commonly used React hooks and see how they can simplify our code. For example, we will see how to use the useState hook to manage state in a functional component. Furthermore, we will see how to use the useEffect hook to perform side effects in a functional component. Finally, we will see how to use the useContext hook to access the context in a functional component.

Apr 18, 20234 min read
Implementing Authentication and Authorization in a Node.js and React Application

Learn how to implement secure authentication and authorization in a Node.js and React application. This blog post will guide you through popular authentication strategies like JWT and session-based authentication, as well as best practices for securing your backend and frontend. Discover how to handle user authentication, manage user sessions, and restrict access to protected routes. With code examples and security considerations, you'll be equipped to build secure and reliable web applications.

Mar 12, 20234 min read
Type-Safe React Components with TypeScript

Take a deep dive into building type-safe React components with TypeScript. This blog post will explore how TypeScript enhances the development experience by catching errors and providing better code documentation. Learn how to define prop types, use generic components, and leverage TypeScript's advanced type inference to create robust and maintainable React components. With practical examples and best practices, you'll unlock the full potential of type safety in your React projects.

Feb 5, 20233 min read
Exploring the Benefits of Using Tailwind CSS in React Projects

Discover the power of Tailwind CSS as a utility-first CSS framework for React projects. This blog post will demonstrate how Tailwind CSS streamlines your styling workflow by providing a vast library of pre-built classes. Learn how to leverage its utility classes to create responsive and visually appealing designs in your React applications. With real-world examples and tips for optimizing Tailwind CSS usage, you'll see why it has gained popularity among developers.

Jan 20, 20235 min read
Building a Full-Stack Application with React, TypeScript, and Node.js

Dive into the process of building a full-stack application using React, TypeScript, and Node.js. Learn about the benefits of each technology, explore their integration, and discover best practices for structuring your project. From setting up the backend with Node.js and Express to building a responsive frontend with React and TypeScript, this blog post will guide you through the entire development journey.